dealsmagellan maestro 4250 4.3" portable gps navigator…


I've owned many, many gps units and I've never had much luck with Magellan products. I'm not sure about this model, but most stand alone gps units now are many years old, companies aren't making new models because of smartphones.


I used to use only magellan they worked great for me, but now with my phone i don't need this anymore.


had nothing but problems with magellan brand gps' units. Our entire family (who also all have smartphones) use the Garmin series, especially the nuvi line.

If this unit actually works, its not a bad price point. I wouldnt do it as you can grab a garmin nuvi for about $20 more with free updates and they just flat out work. To each their own though :p


The only reason I was looking for one was for my girlfriend, she doesn't want a smartphone and still uses a GPS, so i have been in the hunt for one. Been actually looking for one myself, though i have a smartphone these apps are not 90% accurate, and it would be nice to have a device made just for that so it would work properly.


I've had a Magellan for 3 years and works like a charm. Boots fast, calculates fast as is about 99% accurate. I have an iPhone although, I like a dedicated GPS. My biggest gripe is battery life. After a year it's pretty much nonexistent and always needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter.