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If this were internal I'd be all over it, but I'd have to have something that wouldn't work for my front panel connections too. Many next time.


I got one of these a month back refurbed.
Haven't had any problems dawn on me.
Sounds great in win 7. And I really enjoy it.
Though, I wish there was equalizer software for this.
How exactly am I supposed to adjust the bass/treb?


Have you tried installing the generic Realtek HD drivers( Depending on the card, it adds EQ, room correction and effects.


I have one of these for my 5.1 headset. My real PC surround speakers are connected to the back of the computer. I also have a non-USB 5.1 headset for gaming that requires R/L/Rear/Center Plugs. I plug in and use the Creative USB Sound card for that. Works great for me.


I get surround, and crystalizer in the thx trustudio tab.
I also get eax sound effects.
But I do not get a bar equalizer, nor anyway to adjust frequencies....Bass, or trebble.