dealspny 128gb turbo usb 3.0 flash drive for $44.99…


I've had good luck with their 32GB 3.0 USB sticks and will pick one of these up too. Thanks!


@lrgorg: You might have to sign up for their mailing list, then try entering the code.

@novamaster0: Nice find!


Worked for me @ 23:30 PDT On 4/8. I got the same price on two of them.


@lrgorg: Worked for me on 4/9. And free 2-day shipping with Shoprunner at newegg is nice too.


I've had this stick for about 2 months now and it rocks. Not much to look at but very fast and obviously no corruption issues. This deal is about $5 less than I bought it for at the time, so not a shabby deal at all.


Would go for it but will never trust PNY again. Purchased some memory with a rebate but received a rejection that there was no date on the receipt. They had the receipt!