dealsdragunov svd spring airsoft gun bipod, scopeā€¦


fake ones aren't going to make up for the ban on the real thing! silly woot


I know its a toy, but why in the heck would you ever mount a flashlight on a SNIPER rifle??


Woot must be telling us they're for the ban, and we should play with toys. Not happening for me!


@rustybender: This must be the day we play "find what doesn't belong in the picture"!


@rustybender: maybe they meant to say tactical fleshlight? perhaps that'd be equally as confusing though.


Hey Airsoft fans how far can these "Sniper" rifles fire accurately. I know that real Ammunition is too expensive to go training at the range anymore.Probably for another year. How much does it cost to run one of these airsofts for a day at the Range?


From the product description:

"And for a price of under 30 bucks, you will get the most bang for your bucks, order the SVD today!"

Which indicates this thing might typically be UNDER $30, meaning this isn't a deal... buyer beware.


The Woot! drinking game:

For every review title containing a word similar to "good", "nice" or "awesome" (first grade vocabulary, anyone?) drink.

For every review that lacks any capitalization or punctuation, drink.


@markmc27: Maybe 50 feet if you shoot with with a .25g BB. (Without the ol' kentucky windage) Ammo is very cheap, about 20$ for 5000 rounds, but this gun would break well before half your ammo was gone.


@rustybender: with the real one we mount a laser guided missile. :D


Selling a "sniper rifle" on MLK Day. Coincidence... or CONSPIRACY??!?!!?!!111!??


@markmc27: If you want a rifle with cheap ammo to practice with get a tactical .22. You can get a Mossberg 715T starting at $250 chambered in .22LR rounds. You can buy a box of 5000 22LR ammo for $35 bucks then go to the range and shoot all day for $15.

A .22 rifle doesn't have any kick and isn't nearly as loud as a 5.56 or 7.62 so you don't flinch making it perfect for working on technique plus the ammo isn't $1 a round, or 0.33 a round for the cheap, steel cased Russian stuff (if you can find 5.56 or 7.62 in stock anywhere at all).


@sjpearsall: If you already own an AR, you can always buy a Ciener drop in conversion kit to shoot .22LR through your AR. That way you can practice with your actual gun and not something that just looks close to it.


@sjpearsall: made a typo should be 500 rounds not 5000 sorry about that.


Nobody should buy this. 400FPS with .12's is not hard at all. A sniper rifle should be at 550FPS with .20's. Range would be horrible. This is basically a large, overpriced, spring pistol. If you want to get into airsoft, this is not what you should buy.


Is this the Columbine model or the Connecticut version?


@markriddle: Wow, what a pathetic disgusting clown .


@pinchecat vulgar language in a forum where it is not appropriate is appalling, but after seeing the f**k's comment it was aimed at, it was not only appropriate you would have been justified to say a lot more.


$15 shipping kills this for me...