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Really like Zuma Deluxe...any one have suggestions for anything else they have like that?


They have a game starring Nathan Fillion as an Elvis impersonator? I can't figure out that picture.


@blainekyle Try the Castle game to solve you your picture quandary, Not a recommendation; I know nothing of this game nor most of the others. I'm old school.


@blainekyle: It is a promo pic for the Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover hidden object game as @sailcat said. I have the game and it is OK (not great) but it is a nice little something extra for Castle fans. I used the pic because they wouldn't let me choose Felix, the Big Fish Games logo, as a picture.


Big Fish=Big Bag O' Sh*t...... Trust me


@ichigodiafuku: Thanks. Doesn't sound like my bag, but the Castle explanation makes sense--I guess. I wonder if it's from the episode where he, Ryan, and Esposito all dressed up like Elvis impersonators...


@jrhusc: Just searched Zuma on AppSnatcher and came up with these:

I really liked Bejeweled and Candy Train was surprisingly fun (and free!).


@jrhusc: Well, they may be fine for little kids, but otherwise, they pretty much offer hidden object games & other such boring crap imafo. That's all ;)


You have to dig a bit to find them, but the few adventure games that aren't hidden object are pretty good. At least the ones I've played are.


as related to big fish games and people not being happy with them. Just be careful to cancel their "subscription' if you order games from them, or you'll be stuck with a $6.99 monthly charge (I got bit on that for a couple months).

Fairway is a great game if you like solitaire games.