dealsfree truck shaped stress ball for $0.00


free truck shaped stress truck


Got to love it. In for one.
However, the 4 to 6 weeks for delivery made me laugh.


Ahh... these are the kind of deals that show up on SlickDeals, and the friendly smallish merchant that posted it (really primarily for industry members or business partners) gets inundated with thousands (or tens of thousands) of requests from people unrelated to them who will never do business with them in a million years.

Suddenly they're so overwhelmed with the requests it becomes clear to them that there's no way they can fulfill them, and no one gets anything.


@atd15: Guess if it has caused a lot of lingering stress, its arrival with give immediate relief upon use!!!


Ordered one. What if someone gets a flat tire in one of these things after squeezing too much?


This would be great to carry around and use for a pick-up line.

"Hey, baby. Wanna squeeze my semi?"


I get a little nervous with 'deals' like this. Takes you to a subdomain ""), didn't see a link to the page from the main site, etc. Who's to say this is legit?


I would expect anything. After clicking 'Sign-up', a pop-up window with a fake freebie appeared over half my window.

Anytime that has happened to me, I have never got the freebie in question.

I wouldnt waste my e-mail address if I were you guys.


a *.ca domain indicated that its a Canadian website. Even if this deal is legit (and I don't know if it is or isn't) should we really expect them to ship to US addresses?


But they get lots of addresses for their mailing list!


I signed up for one. Let's see how good their shipping is, when they try to ship to my P.O. Box.


In for one, shipping to FPO address, see how that goes


@novastarj: If it causes them stress, they can always squeeze a lil truck!


@dslocum: Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


gotta love the spam/scam popup you get when submitting your request...