dealsbernardin mason jar lids - decorative for $2.50


ooh...the poinsettia lids are nice. I've never seen those before. I'd have to order several sets to justify the shipping. Fortunately, that wouldn't be hard to do.


@lavikinga: Watch out for the ones with rings too, though. Some of them are packages of only six. Still, I love these. I just barely got a gift of wild blackberry preserves from a friend, and the lid was a gingham lid. It immediately made me want some. Now I'll have them.


Always popular back home amongst the progressive moonshine vendors.


@wootvan: I do not believe you. I think that canning lids are not safe when the alcohol content is that high. You are attempting to bamboozle us. Besides, everyone knows that moonshiners would need to buy a full set of jars each time, anyway. Just lids, or lids and rings, is not going to do it.

@flappysquirrel: Thanks to you, wherever you are, for making me think of these.


@shrdlu: alcohol never stays in the mason jars that long anyway. Trust me.


Now $3-4 with $10 shipping? Yikes.


@tumorous: I don't think most people who were taking advantage of this were buying just one package. I probably bought 20, and am considering going back for more. A package of 12 lids isn't much, if you are actually doing any canning. I just checked, and I paid 11.02 in shipping, but for lids that will dress up the preserves and conserves that I give as gifts, well worth it.

I should note that these are purchased through Amazon, but are actually being fulfilled from "Golda's Kitchen" (and I'm sure Golda is a fine woman, and understands how much I needed pink gingham lids).


@wootvan: Whatchu talkin' 'bout? All the 'shine I seen has been in those there plastic milk jugs.
And I was darned surprised it hadn't melted its way through too!


This is actually a pretty good deal. Mason jars and the lids get expensive really fast if you're buying a lot. Also, if you're in a area with a lot of canners, theyre hard to find too!