dealscar window pet gate for $7.99 + free shipping


I voted this up simply because it's a great idea, but it makes me sad when I see how much fun the doggies (and the cute little piggie in the Geico commercial) are having with their heads out the car window.


Never leave a dog/cat/etc in a parked car - never never never, even with this gate over the open window. During the summer months, the car could still get hot enough inside to give the animal heat stroke. This product might be a good idea to use while driving, but please not in a parked car.


@kbsig106: thanks for reminding everyone. Great advice.


@kbsig106: I would upvote you more if I could. I'm a Registered Vet Tech and have seen more than a few dogs come in near dead from being left in a car with a window partially opened or cracked. Owners forget that dogs only sweat between their paw pads, instead of all over like humans. Because of that they overheat very quickly, especially when left in a car. Temperatures can soar to over a hundred degrees in a very short period of time. Not worth the risk. Take them inside or leave them at home!! ::steps off soap box::


For people who's pets dislike living with them so much that they have a death wish....


as with any tool, you can use it properly or improperly. while I wouldn't leave my dogs in direct, noon sun in summer with these, I've used them in the morning or afternoon in partial shade and the inside of the car stays comfortably safe. I use two crack, the other two windows and vent the sun roof and it's no hotter in the car then in my yard.


I started to consider this.
Then I realized that, because I use a short leash which connects to a seat belt fastener, it's completely unnecessary. That style leash is widely available, including at amazon, for not much more than this plastic gadget. Mojo can still roam freely in the back seat, but not far enough to escape. And he's more secure in the event of an accident.


This seems like a smart gadget, if you exercise common sense. I had never seen one of these before. Thanks for sharing