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Wait, you mean those are real objects? I thought it was just a symbol used to represent the "save" function in Microsoft Office.


Walgreens has VHS tapes on sale this week. They make for great bindings if you run out of rope, just ask Tom Hanks.


@cloudscout: Yeah, I love it when new software uses symbols for things we don't even use as a society anymore. It makes no sense to my children because they've never seen them.


Ah, such fond memories of these babies. Always using 2 or 3 to be sure my stuff actually got saved. I remember the fateful day I went to buy more with my momma and the nice young man at best buy, with a strange device hanging round his neck, said "wait child these are the new way to go!". And then I bought my very first 256MB Lexar JumpDrive. It was orange. <3.


Or when they use terms that really don't make sense anymore. I mean why do/did they call these new-fangled 3 1/2" discs "floppy"?.....I mean I can see how the discs I grew up with(5 1/4") or even the "old" 8" monsters "floppy" since they were.....well floppy. Nothing really floppy about these, I guess unless you take them apart...:)
I saw the VHS tapes at Walgreens too, 3/$5....Nice deal but I've been off the VHS standard for going on 7 years, been off Beta going on 30 years.


To show you what a geek I am.... I have the "converter" to turn single sided 720kb disks into double sided 1.44mb disks. Le sigh.


Like the phone symbol on the phone. I have a phone like that but it sits on a shelf and isn't connected to anything


I still use floppy disks.. everyday at work (and I work for the government)..


@wuz314159: I had a software utility to format them to 1.72MB, which was a big difference back in the day. Single-sided was a bit before my time though ;)


I dived into my recycling cart to find my Walgreens ad, but can't find it. Will Walgreens have their circular with the coupon at the store? I still use a VCR. Way cheaper than paying Comcast or TiVo for a DVR.


Windows XP Startup Disc

For those still running it. Needed one a few weeks ago for my parent's old computer, but could not find a floppy anywhere!


@wuz314159: "Have any old Laserdiscs?" No, I never got into laser or CED discs, went right from tape to DVD and now BD for commercial movies.
geognerd, my Walgreens usually has flyers in-store. I didn't remember the 3/$5 Sony VHS tapes were a coupon but I now see it was, limit 6.


@thepenrod: ha ha!! sorta like an hourglass! I think they should have an abacus icon for the calculator, too!


Yes, Virginia. They really are called "floppy discs".


@devexityspace: Use them for the state here... to "back up" the servers smh


@jjeff: They're called floppy disks because the disk itself (that round thing inside) is floppy. The platters in hard disks are, well, hard (not floppy).


I remember when the 3.5 came out- people kept calling them 'hard drives' because those people were stupid.


I'll never forget the day I tried to sell a customer a 2g flash drive and they asked how many flash drives they needed to buy to equal a floppy disk


It's a sad day when we have to buy 3 1/2" floppies to use as coasters, since AOL doesn't provide them anymore.


any one else thought they saw- 96211 floppy disks for $1.99 ?


Anyone know where to get 5 and a Quarters for my 486 SX 2/66


Using these as coasters is probably wiser, as the life expectancy of a 3.5" floppy disk is so abysmal that if you try to count on one to store data for you, you will likely be disappointed in the end.


I remember having to explain the size difference between 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" and why the smaller one held more....Good old days.


BTW, I think I have a opened but never installed LS-120 Drive in my basement.
120 MB was huge compared to the ZIP 100's.


@sirpogo: I've got a sealed, unopened box of them that I plan to leave to the Smithsonian when I move on to the great woot! off in the sky.


Believe it or not - I need some 720K floppies. Stupid Adept robot.


@btanoue: I think I may have had one of those drives in my first laptop. Was that the one where it could read regular 3.5's as well as the high storage 3.5's?

Oh, and about laser discs, I had a class in high school where we used some language videos that were on laser discs. And I've only been out of HS for 10 years.