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About 8 years ago I had a Kyocera smartphone (Palm OS, anyone??) I had no idea they were knife people too :)


Oh man, I just bought this Chef's Knife for $60 at Sur La Table. This one's at least $10 less, comes with a paring knife, and is red instead of black. I wonder what their return policy is...


The same set with black handles on Amazon (Mommy Dear!) is $64.95 with Prime.
4.5 stars out of 170 reviews.

This is a great deal, IMHO.


These knives are expensive any way you cut it.


I've had Kyocera ceramic knives for 5 years and just got them sharpened (factory service) last month. They have been my go to knives for just about any cutting job. Just avoid bones and don't drop them on the tip - they will break. Worth every cent.


Didn't these guys make cell phones and printers?


Kyocera is THE name in ceramic knives.

I have a santoku, and my only complaint is that it is so short. It is very sharp. I paid this much on eBay several years ago for the single knife. For those who like a light short blade this is a good choice.

The main thing to remember is that it doesn't bend and is not all that strong side-to-side, so making straight cuts and not changing direction in the middle of a cut is important. I haven't broken mine, and I don't baby it (I do use it for cutting cheese).


I've had the paring knife and chef's knife for probably eight years. Sent them in once for sharpening and somehow they put the tip back on the paring knife that I had broken off. I use them for everything and I paid a lot more for them.