dealsamazon kindle fire 8gb wifi tablet 7" for $89.00…


Not worth it, pay a little more and grab the first gen nexus 7.


Never buy ANYTHING from daily steals. 0/2 on purchases for me. They have no phone number for returns and force you to try and get your money back from the manufacturer. One laptop I purchased came with a home through the screen. Not from shipping, they actually sold me something with a hole in it. I couldn't even get a response about my issue until I threatened to go to the BBB. Terrible products from a terrible company.


daily steals is my fav online store, i have had numerous purchases from them without any issues. The shipping can be slow occasionally.


This is why Dailysteals is the worst online merchant. False advertise ALL the time.
Their main picture is a picture of the Kindle Fire HD (Model: PV5006) which is what you think you're getting. But the model in the description in small letters is "D01400" the FIRST gen Kindle fire, with no camera, and a lot worse specs. They did this last time and I'm sure they fooled a lot of people. Don't get tricked by these crooks this time.

Here are other reasons not to buy from Dailysteals.


I'd stay away from DailySteals as well. They double shipped me an order. One order number but two credit card charges and two shipments. I tried to return it, but they wanted me to cover shipping (for their mistake clearly). After they became abusive in our email exchange back and forth, I gave up, contested the 2nd charge on my credit card and told them to send me a shipping label if the wanted their $5 headphones back. Never purchasing from them again.


Dailysteals is the bottom feeders of the sale a day sites. Had problems 3 out of 8 buys and they give you non-answers to questions or don't respond at all. AVOID this vendor.


I picked up some socks(Injinji brand) from daily steals - great price on them, but they didn't ship out for almost a month after my card was charged. I won't be ordering from them again.


You can buy a brand new Nook HD 7" for $129 (1440 x 900) or the Nook HD+ 9" for $149 (1920 x 1280)- with more current processors, compared Kindle Fire 7" at 1024 x 600. Just go to Barnes and Noble. These can easily be rooted, or set up for dual boot Jelly Bean via sd card. Plus the Nooks have a 1 year warranty.


Just want to join in on the bad experiences with Dailysteals. I struck out three times with them. One product quality was embrassing low, but I chalked it up to "get what you pay for. Next purchase thought I was getting a great price on a new item, missed the fine details needed up getting a refurbished item 10 bucks more than I could have got on woot the very next week. Last straw was taking 7 months to get an item I ordered, SEVEN MONTHS, no response from customer service. When it did arrive, I had forgot I purchased it. Buyer beware. I say stick to woot, justdeals (selection is mostly underwhelming but if you do buy good experience, what you expect) or 1saleday (the biglots of deal a day websites. Sure you don't need it, but its 5 bucks).


DailySteals is the worst online retailer ever. Stay away from them (and IceMonkey). I had many problems with them. They are unresponsive and unprofessional. You will regret buying from them.