dealsflip-flops at old navy for $1.00


I could swear I saw this posted already, but I can't find it.

Yes, it is in store only and today only (Saturday).


@mtrlgrl: It was probably posted in advance and got removed but now it's apparently actually happening.


@gideonfrost: Thanks, I thought I was seeing things. :)


It's a good thing the $1 flip-flops at Old Navy are $1 or I would be beside myself.


Has anyone actually wore their flip flops before? This is just my opinion, so don't kill me, but their flip flops aren't worth more than $1. I live in FL and wear flip flops, literally, 200 days out of the year. I've been through many-a-pairs. These are not worth my time.


@firebirdude: In my opinion they are neither comfortable nor particularly well made. I bought a pair to keep in my gym locker though so I don't have to walk around the locker room barefoot.


Old Navy flip flops should be considered disposable flip flops...I buy these for my kids for when we go to the beach; they are to wear them that one time then throw them out...that is what they are good for :)


^ Great, be sure to throw your used batteries in the ocean, while you're at it (rolls eyes).


I honestly love these flip flops. I own two pairs of old navy ones and also a pair of Rainbows which are much more expensive and come with a life time warranty. Needless to say, the old navy ones are much more comfortable and I regularly wear them instead of the Rainbows.


Not worth it... the store is packed with people, flip flops are everywhere, all over the floors. The place is distroyed. You'll wait in line for literally hours. Good luck finding ones in good colors or even your size. They limit them to 5 per person. I went once and felt like an idiot. They're normally $2.50 a pair, and I'd rather pay that price on a regular day to avoid wasting my time and sanity.


Oh I’m going, not to buy those cheap chinese made crappy flip-flops but to instead laugh at my buddy who tweeted earlier there was a long line even before the store opened (all in good fun) Then I’m going to the bar next door and getting an American made beer


landfill fodder...,
Just say no.


Oh sure, down vote me... How many of you guys bought 25 of these? (Every girl in the house got their limit.)


Still not worth $1. Hate flipflops.


I've bought these before, but only the rubbery ones that bend, not the POS cardboard stiff ones they have.


Not a single pair was left by the time I we got there...