dealshp touchstone charging dock for touchpad for $36…


@designer218: Me too. e-mail I received:

"Thank you for your recent order for the HP Touchpad. If you are receiving this email, the item that you ordered is out of stock and your order has not been processed. Because of the volume of orders that could not be fulfilled we have set your entire order to “No Process” and this means the order will not bill and will self-cancel within 15 days. So any additional items, particularly HP TouchPad accessories which have zero stock available, will not be processed on that order.

We appreciate your patronage. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused.


The Launch Pad Sales Team"

Since my order was for accessories only, I assume that's what they mean to say.

On the other hand, my order is still alive on their site.... don't see anything about "No Process".


well, the hammer fell, they canceled my accessories order


just an update, my order is still being processed, but my credit card has no pending charges or preauthorizations


thank you @mukimuki for the (somewhat) re-assurance.. the links you posted don't seem to really support the safety of the site, but i just sent an order and waiting to see if the order will go through.. my costcentral order got cancelled so this is the next best thing since every electronic store in the SF Bay Area is sold out of accessories...


It looks like The Launch Pad is legit at least. They're Microsoft certified(according to Microsoft) and the website has been around for 12 years.

Contact Information for posterity:
The Launch Pad
2107 Gunn Highway.
Odessa, FL 33556
Phone: (813) 920-0788
Fax: (813) 920-0769
Toll Free: (888) 920-3450

Sales Service:
Team, Sales (813) 920-0788 Ext. 202


@mconrad: as far as I can see, channelonline is a storefront manager for various sites, and the complaints at your link are about other companies that use channelonline. Remember the products themselves are being sold by "launchpadonline"


In for 1.

I bought one from Adorama last night, they said they had stock but cancelled it this morning although their website STILL says it's in stock. The email cancelling it said they would "back order" it. I call BS. Why are they still selling an item they do not have and will most likely NOT get back in stock? Also reported them to WOT.

No one wants the aggravation that occurred with purchasing the Touchpads that OnSale and B&N did. Add Adorama to that list for Touchstone.


@mconrad: thanks for that heads up. Info is confusing but I am definitely concerned. Called them, could not get anyone live so I sent an email inquiry. May have to cancel my order.


Not encouraging info about usm.channelonline here: . It's confusing though about what sellerthey are talking about.


Looks good. Setting up an account and checkout are a little slow, but my order's in. If you have multiple touchpads, an additional set of accessories is only another $1 shipping.


well, i put in my order at 4PM and though it went through, they haven't charge d my card, so thats a plus. i got the original link from the touchpad slickdeals wiki, but they'd sold out the touchpad itself by then. i stuck around for a bit and found the accessories


you change the shipping at the last minute (there's a big dropdown with the "will-call" option as well)

also you might just want to browse to the frame itself:


@designer218: could not find that deal. do you have a link?


check, theyve got all 3 accessories for $67 + $12 shipping


Almost out of stock! Get 1 if you want 1 Wooters