deals30 day free trial to blockbuster total access…


Obligitory this isnt a deal and Woot shouldnt accept it as a featured deal comment.


i got them for a free two week and added 22 games to my list, not a SINGLE one available any time soon. Glad it was a free trial. Not sure why they say games, would be interesting to see if any games are. I even added new, old, good, bad, lame, random ones i never heard of ect.


@freakyjoker: movies you want not in stock? huh, sounds like the old brick and mortar Blockbusters...... Hm... how 'bout that.


Was a member for a little more than 2 weeks. They offer a lot to look at on the site, but if you want to play it or watch it, you're out of luck. Nothing you would want is available. ALWAYS long wait. Not worth it. Cancelled.


yep.... i can beat that... got a 2 different accounts with a 6 month free trial.. its been 3 months on both accounts and i've YET to receive any game at all.. blockbuster sucks


I don't know what everyone complains about, its cheaper than Netflix and you can go in store and trade the movie rather than waiting a several days for your next movie. I've had blockbuster and Netflix and BB wins due to the fact I have one near by I can trade in.

As people do mention the NEW releases are hard to get online (that is why there is the store trade in) and the game selection is limited. Luckily I do it primarily for Blu-ray disks.


@alpha7: You realize that for the majority of the country, there is no more BB brick and mortar stores right?


Tried this for 3 months, frustrated by long wait times for certain discs and long delivery times. Switched to Netflix and it's 1000% better.


Can this count as a deal? I'm not sure Blockbuster will be in business for 30 more days...


To Sauer:
Blockbuster went bankrupt quite a while ago. The name was bought out by a company whose name I forget. Blockbuster as it was before was renamed to "Blockbuster Liquidation Corporation"; in other words, they're now a Blockbuster building renting/selling service, rather than with movies/games.


@th3tr3mors: I had a similar 6 month free trial. After 2 movies they never sent anything else even though everything in my queue was available (I gave them 2 weeks from their receive confirmation). I ended up cancelling the free trial halfway through. Not even worth it for free.