dealstoshiba thrive accessory bundle (dock, ac adapter…


That's a smokin deal. I bought the same pack at $25 shipped, kept the battery and power supply, sold the rest on CL for $20.

The battery alone is worth the price just to have a spare.


$4.99/unit shipping on this for those interested.


This is a good deal. I purchased this from onesaleaday and am happy with the items included in the deal.

However, be advised it took me three weeks to get the order. I also have a Roku sitting in CAL (their orders seem to just die during shipment) and it is over two weeks since I ordered that.

If you don't mind the wait, I find onesaleaday to have some very good deals. I've never received a broken item from them I've had to return, but I now expect shipping times of around 3 weeks just about every order.


SWEET deal, The extra charger and battery are well worth it!!!!!!


@rex b: What is CL? I wanna sell some stuff there, too!


Shipping is way slow, but this is a GREAT deal. I almost bought the extra battery when I first got my Thrive alone for about $50. I was a bit wary, thinking this would all be cheap chinese knock-off stuff, but to my close inspection, it does SEEM to be authentic Toshiba products, so if it IS a chinese knock-off, it's at least a high quality knock-off.


In for one - I'm on my Thrive right now and could use the extras.


Just bought two!! My sincere thanks to whoever posted this great deal!!!!!