dealspears and holly gift tower for $24.98 + free…


> What an ideal gift for a favorite family (everyone can open his or her OWN box)

Haha I'd love to see a kids face when he opens a present and all it contains is two apples...


I ordered the Mom's Day Fruit Tower for $29.95 (free shipping) back in May 2011. It was magnificent.

This offer, not so much. While I'm sure the fruit will be packaged well, there is not much value in this offer for what we would be paying..


Very nice present for the holidays. I did have difficulty ordering through the link though. It wouldn't allow the $24.98 price with free shipping so I had to call them instead of ordering online. It took a while to work out on their end, but I was able to finally place the order at the reduced price with free shipping.


I took this deal in a flash. This is a good reputable company and I believe they "under promise & over deliver" on the shipping. Just sent one to my elderly step mom and is the perfect gift for someone who needs no more possessions, but enjoys a lovely piece of fruits and confections. Good Woot, Good...