deals600 thread count organic cotton sheet set, deep…


as with any sheet set online, if they only say a thread count and put the work "cotton" in the title somewhere, you don't want them. I'm actually not all against various microfiber options, but i wish they would just be honorable about it.

600 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets will likely be VERY different from what you order here. I expect you'll receive the 100% cotton MIXED with other things blend that I received previously. Just FYI.


@smtatertot13: They say 100% certified organic cotton.
Reviews are pretty good.
They show a lot of colors, but as noted in original post, they are not all on sale.


I guess people either save space with a Full or go all out with a King because all they got on sale is Queen size sheets.


@smtatertot13: If you're worried about the fiber content, you might try these for a couple of dollars more. Better reviews too.


That's some expensive sandpaper.