dealschilis - free appetizer or desert w/ entree…


I'm pretty sure that set of numbers is a unique code that's only good once. I have the same coupon in my email and my numbers are different.


@thunderthighs: I've used individual codes more than once from chilis. There is an option to "Share this deal" at the top of their page as well, and when doing that, it just forwards an email with the same link/code.


Just what the Fat Nation needs... easier and cheaper ways to get FATTER... and with food of such quality... Chilis... really?


Which desert? I'm all in if it's the Gobi, but I'm not sure it'd be worth it for the Sahara.

All kidding aside, thanks for the link!


"Offer valid March 19-21." Only good Monday through Wednesday of this week, so you are going to have to strike quickly on this one.


Just used it today without any problems.


Gotta love the free food and drink Woots, knowing the bashers will come marching in. If you don't like something; don't use it, don't eat it, don't drink it. Why dictate to others what their consumer habits should be. Makes me want to go to McDonalds after work, just as a matter of principle. Thank you for this woot.


Not at anyone personally, but a generaliztion. I apologize if it came off as personal. It is just that you could have a coupon for a free pepsi, and people would complain and say "pepsi sucks, I like coca cola". Personal preferences are just that.


@lbauch: Lol, no need to apologize, you are being trolled.


@ot08045: Why do joyless assholes like yourself feel they need to interject hate into anything and everything that people might enjoy?