dealsfree - 2 pack - knit earflap winter hats and $5…


I got this deal last year... they are well constructed and fit extremely snug. The only downside was the initial odor which was a bit chemical-esque. The Chinese putting chemicals in them that will sway us to buy more cheap crap perhaps?

Oh well, 4.5 out of 5 stars for this deal IMO.


random color? or do you get to pick?


I pick up deals like this all year long and then donate to Health Care For The Homeless when cold weather arrives. Besides these hats and ear muffs from another site, I bought lots of knit hats and gloves for 50¢ a piece when Walmart closed them out last spring. They aren't fancy, but I figure every layer counts.


I just came over to check out Deals Woot, and already found something awesome! I bought a bunch of stuff in addition to the knit hats; jump start on X-Mas shopping, woohoo!


@jamesbottomtooth: I just bought them, and I did not get to choose the color.


Why does the site say $4.99 unlimited sitewide shipping but then also say, "Shipping for ENTIRE order is never more than $9.99!"

Seems to me that unlimited should mean as much as you order.


@gionot: Great idea! I'm going to order a few to do just that.


@cengland0: That is the standard wording. If you do not put the code in for this one, you do not get the flat rate shipping and the $5 emailed later. (Discovered last year when I had a different code and used that instead.)


i bought it when it came out.... but where's my $5 gift card/code???