dealsmalwarebytes anti-malware lifetime for $9.99…


I'm so tempted to get this one...(sighs), wish there was a rebate for Free.


Malwarebytes is my go-to software for cleaning infected PCs. I've found the free version to be more than adequate at responding to infections or doing periodic health checks. I've not used the paid version, but it should offer more in the way of prevention.


I used to use the free version to recover after i got infected. I bought 4 of the full version around Christmas when it was $10 shipped from newegg and amazon for 4 of my computers because i spent two days trying to clean my last infection. this has been a GREAT investment. The paid version blocks the attacks so i'm not chasing my tail for half a day just trying to clean my computer. I wish my friends and family (the ones that call me to fix their computers) would pony up and buy this. Spend $10 tens of hours later = no brainer!


The free version helped me. Somehow I got the nasty "Smart Fortress" on a PC and it helped recover my machine.


Just terrific software, and often the only thing that will remove stubborn infections.

Be aware that Newegg charges sales tax on items based on their cost BEFORE applying any coupon code, so if Newegg charges you sales tax on your orders, you'll be paying it on $20, not $10.

I don't understand how their doing that is even legal.