dealsweekend deal from hertz for $14.99 + free shipping


not really a deal. You can easily find rentals for less than this through rental car search engines.


This is the normal weekend rate for hertz and every other car rental agency. If I go away for a weekend trip I usually will pickup one of these up.


The free shipping clinches the deal...hope the UPS guy has his truck..


@shadetreescouser: I'd suggest you just drive the UPS truck, it would be more fun than the Hyundai failwagon that you get for $15 on this deal.


i get a rental from hertz for $9/day with my AAA discount


@xenoneyes: what state / city are you in. I have gone through the Hertz website and tried to book and they keep giving me a kia at $42 a day. I am booking only on weekends and not using airports. I live in Berkeley area and am renting for a drive up to Fort Bragg for weekend. Thanks


@markmc27: I am in Reno, NV and it works. Did you make sure the times of rental match the terms of the offer?