dealswonderful pistachios 16oz $5.99 (or with coupon…


@rockytrh: I don't see why not. It's a manufacturer's coupon.


@greenova: looks like they took it down. That was fast.


@burninal: Would Menards take this coupon?


the scanner I used is part of a crappy copier, but I think this should still work for everyone -


I have Java and it still asks with the big friendly button to allow it to install. I updated java and tried again with the same result. Fishy to me.
ok, went and tried the IE, oddly it worked.


@robertmcclure: Odd execution - it tries to help you out by automatically printing the coupon for you w/o presenting you with the coupon image. Maybe they don't want you to just download the coupon image and forward it to your friends cause they won't be able to track the number of times the coupon was downloaded/printed which makes it harder for them to track the success of the campaign.

Sure, you can make photocopies or scan it but that's less likely cause it's more of a pain to do. It's kind of like the making a tape of a song v. P2P digital downloads.


why do i have to install java to print the coupon?


This week these are on sale at Menards for $4.98.