dealsdistinctive edge joining / stitch in the ditch…


@mrvacandmrssew: I don't get it. Are you just going to continue to post your entire catalog? Have you actually got any sales from all of this?

I'm asking seriously. I have yet to see anything I would give money for, and I sew. I have a very nice machine, but I have to tell you, I wouldn't have bought it online, since that kind of investment tells you that you need to try it out, and have the option of going back to the place you bought it, and asking for help with it, if necessary.

I could see buying attachments, or other useful items, but you just keep posting random things (and I'd bet a bunch of them are duplicates, and I don't think anyone even cares to look and check on them).

I'll check back, and see if you notice this.