dealssandisk 4gb sansa clip+ with microsd slot for $21…


1. Price is incorrect! Total is $25.98. It's a very good price for this specific color, which sells for about $35 anywhere else online. Black and Indigo already retail at $29.99 at Amazon ( without a sale, but it's still a deal if color is not an issue.

2. As an owner and regular user of the black version of this, I highly recommend it. MicroSD expansion works perfectly and is a huge plus IMO. I just put a bit of tape over the uncovered slot to keep dust out, in my case black gaffer tape -- it blends right in with the black side trim.

3. This is one of those daily deal sites (maybe everyone else knew this, but I just found out), so you have until 11:00pm CST to buy it, if it isn't already sold out by then.