dealsuni-ball signo 207 gel pens (24 pens) for $12.99


I like these pens as much as I like my G2s


@colonelpuffpuff: Yes I agree with you. I like these pens, too. This is a good price for them, as well.


I steal these from my mom when she leaves them lying around.


Awesome deal!!

This is one of my favorite pen to use!!

Last week bought 8 black from for $8.46 after tax and s&h (free).

Getting 24 for $12.99 after tax (free) and s&h (free) is a steal!! Already got one!


That's a really good deal - they're usually close to $5 for a 4 pack. These pens write soooo nicely.


I'm more of a G2 person (I like a thick stroke), but I'll give these a try. I have one that my dad gave me recently, but It's kind of thin. I like this deal becuase it has multiple colors, though!


yep, sold out :(
hopefully someone will find me a pilot G2 sale :D


Sold out? I just bought 'em. I didn't get the $2 off coupon, so the price was $14.99, but that's not a big deal.