dealskoozies & mugs all $9.99 + $5 shipping


Wow, why all the hating? I'm going to get me a Ninja mug!


The donut mug I have to admit was pretty cool, despite it being hard to clean probably, but I'm a fan of uncommon mugs. I just got the combustible lemon mug from Portal 2 as well, and that was double the price of some of these.


I don't think these are so bad. Not quite the deal of the year, but some of the designs are cool (the ninja is my favourite). Shipping isn't bad either, as a normal coffee mug weighs about a pound.


I'm curious about the downvotes, too. The prices aren't terrific, but I'm a big fan of novelty items and I think I could find some great gifts here. If there's a problem with the company or something, and somebody who downvoted has info that can save us some headaches, please pass it along.


Just ordered 2 of the gun mugs. Got my confirmation, and another email with tracking information already.


I m really into the prescription coffee mug. It's too funny because honestly if I don't have my coffee I will freak out. It really is my daily prescription. I just bought 2 more of those for the co-workers while the discount and shipping fees are still applied.


Great pices from a reputable company, I'v ordered from them before and everything was perfect! Even more great products on their website if your cabinets are full!


for some reason I am feeling that "PIMP" mug!


so no word on why so many down votes? I'm thinking this would make a good father's day present


I am on the fence. Was considering a couple but the I realize I misinterpreted the shipping. $5 per item makes the price a bit steep. It easier to consider if I was spreading it over multiple items. Still, cute stuff but I can live without it for $14.99.


@mkdr: That explains all the downvotes, then. $5 each kinda makes sense for the mugs, but certainly not for the koozies.


Had to buy a couple for gifts...had confirmation emails and shipping notification within 4 hours of placing order, and very courteous ones at that. These people are now on my list of gift shopping sites. They have some other neat stuff on the other pages too.