dealsdxg 720p hd camcorder (fashionable luxe edition…


pink baby 112 on amazon , but not so good reviews, but 3of5 stars is ok, and a deal at this price


Fashionable like an all gold and diamond grill.


I'm strangely attracted to this. It reminds me of something...not sure someplace I've been that all glitzy, ritzy. White leather and overdone gold decor. hm. Maybe it was that lady's living room back when I had a paper route. Does it come with gold wall sconces? And one of those "rain" sculptural lights with the oil that runs down the strings?


No mention of an SD slot. 128MB is what, 15 minutes?


@aphroat: It says: "Supports high capacity SD cards."


If this is anything like the previous model I have; you can get better video from a person with a pencil and a blank flipbook.


I would say this is ugly but that would be an insult to ugly things everywhere.