dealskodak z990 camera bundle with memory card for…


Got this when it was up on Woot! last week. Nice camera for the price. Zoom works well, has a pretty wide range of settings for your ISO, shutter and aperature. Haven't done too much other than playing around indoors to get a feel for the settings. It has a very strong flash, and if you reflect it upwards to the ceiling (using a white card), it can easily fill a medium sized room with light. Optics seem to be wonderful.

My gripes so far (remember I've only had it less than a week):

- Computer software is awful (Kodaks software)
- Using anything above ISO 400 and pictures start to become grainy (So not good for indoor without flash)
- Batteries don't last all too long (hour of active shooting), maybe I just didn't charge them long enough.
- Not a gripe, but could present a problem for some, camera is huge. You could compare it to trying to carry around an original XBOX controller with you. It will not fit in your pocket.

Overall, I am pleased with it.