dealsmen’s ring clearance for $14.99 + free shipping


Make sure what you get is actually Tungsten. A couple weeks ago this same vendor was offering a "mystery ring" for $4.99 w/free shipping. Offering pics showed many of these same rings offered here with the caveat that the vendor would arbitrarily select which style one would receive after the buyer selected from among separate groupings. From what stock was left, I selected groupings that specifically stated that the rings within the the groupings were either tungsten or titanium and I avoided any that were listed as being stainless steel. Guess which I got? The wording was: Style and material will vary. Metals include titanium and light tungsten. Of course YMMV with this offering. They take your money, you take your chances.


I've been wearing one of these for a few months, can I tell you if it's true tungsten or not? No. But really, for 14 bucks is hasn't turned my finger blue, has not scratched the slightest bit yet, and I've forgotten about the money already.

Bonus, the blue infused carbon fiber inlay actually looks kind of cool, and it matches the saphires my fiance's engagement ring spot on.
Did I mention it's only $14? Yeah, pretty good deal here for what it is.
I like it so much I don't really want to retire it for a nicer wedding ring... :)


I got one for my husband, and he said it's very comfortable to wear and seems very durable. I think it looks nice. He is very rough on rings. The first gold one got smashed and stones fell out of the second one. I don't mind buying these at all.