dealsgold plated playing cards for $12.99


So, can you shuffle these cards, or do tiny gold flakes start flying?


Hard to believe these are gold plated unless they are using a definition of "plating" that I'm not aware of. More likely they are gold PAINTED or, rather, gold PRINTED with some sort of ink/acrylic that has gold in it. You don't really "plate" with gold foil, so that combination of terms seems more than a little odd. One might stamp a gold foil onto a plastic sheet to make a playing card, but that's a whole different thing.

Still. You could take a chance if you want. Seems a little expensive for a gimmicky sort of thing to me, but a deck of cards is a buck or two, so you could get $11 worth of amusement out of this deck depending on how much you or your friends might enjoy such a thing.