dealsget a free 2.5 oz ateevia botanica product sample…


Site still asked for my credit card number to get this sample. I can't find any information about this company online and their testimonials section is conspicuously empty.

Not too sure about giving them my card, or using this creme...maybe I'm just paranoid.


@galapogos: They probably want your credit card for shipping and handling, which you have to pay.

They also want permanent emails, no disposable ones accepted. Gee, I wonder why that might be...


The shipping is $0 and still wants my credit card #. Sorry that's not happening.


The credit card information is being used to determine who is making fraudulent orders (ordering multiple samples when only one is permitted) - if fake information is entered it will get picked up by the "billing address filter". Ateevia permits only one sample per household.