dealssaving the titanic (2012) from pbs for $16.99…


hmmmm... 100 year too late?

too soon for a titanic joke?


This documentary from PBS gives a riveting and heart breaking account of the men who kept Titanic afloat as long as possible and saved lives that otherwise would have been lost.

-In the boiler rooms that took on water, the boilers were shut down. If the sea water reached active boilers the massive explosion would have destroyed the ship immediately.

-In the boiler rooms that were not compromised, engineers shoveled coal frantically to keep the steam levels up. Electricity on the Titanic was generated by that steam and powered crucial systems including the pumps, lights and lifeboat winches.

-Electricians jury rigged electrical conduits together to redirect the remaining electical power to the systems that needed them most.

-When the engineers shoveling coal were allowed to leave if they wanted, some left, but many stayed behind of their own free will to keep Titanic afloat and functional for as long as possible.

This video is a testament to their dedication and humanity.