dealsmetra fm stereo modulator ibr-fmmod03 for $18.75


For anyone who doesn't know, these things are way better than an FM transmitter. They don't static from FM frequencies at all. However, they do have to be installed into the back of the radio into the antenna ports and to a power source (like a cig socket or a fuse). Also, it's possible that your vehicle will need antenna adapters in order to put it in, which are usually around $15 a piece at most stores and you will need 2 of them. Still, altogether, they can be an awesome upgrade from an FM transmitter for less than or the same price. And ultimately, if you can't get it in yourself, then Best Buy will install it for about $50.


Dead deal...leads to a battery charger.


@codealpha Thnk you for the insight. In for one!