dealsmonster diddybeats in-ear headphones for $64.99…


Pass. Besides the fact that Monster products are ridiculously overpriced, a company that so blatantly abuses the DMCA to bully the competition and prevent legal second-hand sales of their products will never see a dime from me.


I can't stand Sean "Diddy" Combs, let alone putting these Diddy in my ears.


I got a pair of Beats earbuds when I bought my last Verizon phone. The salesman "said" the earbuds were worth like $75 if you bought them seperately. I've used them pretty regularly to listen to music, books on tape and to talk hands free on the phone.

My conclusion...meh

To me, they don't sound any different (or better) than the $15 pair I got at Wal-mart. Maybe I'm just a backasswards redneck, but I'm not sure what justifies shelling out more dollars than you need to, just cause some semi-famous guy put his name on a product.


My Rezound also came with the ibeat version of the Beats earbuds. I will have to say the quality was a tad above, that could be however attributed to the fact that the phone is programmed to up the sound quality when it detects beats specifically when they are plugged in. My main concern that came about with these ear buds is that they just literally fell apart after 4 months. Speaker end just literally popped off and the wires snapped while they were getting pretty standard use.


so there's a "db" on the case? You even get a douche bag badge with your douche bag ear buds...


@tljx: yeah but it comes with its own little carrying case. doesn't that make up for all the other stuff?


Spending more than $5 on earbuds? You may have a case of the lulz.


This is overpriced garbage, if you want ear buds worth spending a little money on, check out Shure.


Obviously extremely overpriced. No true audiophile would be caught dead with these in their ears and people who aren't might as well just pick up some skull candy or some other half-assed pair of headphones with a little bit of flair. Maybe these are directed at an urban market that puts a high premium on bling.


@epiblast: The DB isn't a badge, it's a warning! :) Not only that, it is a literal douche bag.


DB = douchebag. Anyone buying or wearing or otherwise supporting a professional asshat like Diddy deserves to be publicly mocked.


I bought the section 8 or whatever they were called earbuds... bought 3 both times ive seen them on woot since they were like a buck... Crazily enough its been a year and im still on my first pair. Things held up!

i guess my point is I got 6 pairs of headphones for like 6 bucks or something... so i find this deal uninteresting


personally , I have never seen a reason to spend anything above $30 or so for Earphones/headphones/earbuds etc.


I wish Monster would never, ever be featured on this site again. Monster and Deals go together like oil and water.


ditto on the Section 8 ear buds at sell-out woot, got em last time and liked them, All I can say is that the quality is better than the 10-15 dollar ones at stores, and cost $1.50. I am mean on earbuds, I got 10 pairs $5 shipping = $20


Monster's way of doing business turns my stomach. I wouldn't support these if they were the last earbuds on Earth.


@face76: not everyone has $200 to throw at earbuds... plus if you're looking for in ear headphones, shure isn't all that great in the low price range ($100-$150)...


I bought the diddy beats. I'm so mad, the picture shows pink, description says white and they sent me pink. After 2 email and no response from woot I'm ready to throw this pair in the garbage and never buy from this site. Yes I'm a guy and I have a problem with wearing pink earbuds.