dealsno laptop inside laptop bag for $10.00


Is this really a deal? I mean I just picked up one minus the stupid logo for 2 dollars yesterday. I can't believe that this is a deal at 16 dollars.


Well sure you got one for $2 but it doesn't say there's not a laptop in the bag! That's worth at least $14, especially when you consider the added security of the text.


I refuse to deal with companies that want all my private information before they will let me look at their site.


@councelor: All your private information? They only asked for an email address, not your SSN, bank account number, driver's license...

Use a shopping-only email address for all of your shopping if you are worried. That way, they won't even have your personal email address.


@bkabernathy: do pay for DESIGN, right? Obviously the world is not all about utility.


@councelor: Agree 100%. I did not visit the site.

Even though I could get a temp email address.