deals8' x 8' gazebo with mosquito net for $199.00


Nice. I bought a different one last year. If you are looking for a larger one I recommend this 10' x 10' at JCPenney:|80424

I think it is nicer because you can buy a lot of different accessories with it. If you wait for a sale you can get it cheaper and have it free in the store (no shipping).

At full price the gazebo with net is $250. It is sturdier than a lot of others because the posts are wider and they have shelves that lock the corner together making it stronger. I definitely love the chandelier. It looks so nice outside. I also have the back bar which holds plants very nicely.

It has been out all year through rain and everything and it has moved some but held up well. I bought mine as a store display so I got all everything for $200 out the door.


The reviews from Target say it may actually be closer to 9' x9'. This may be good if you wanted a little bigger but bad if you were on a restricted space like a deck.


I bought almost this exact model last year. Worked well, held up well UNTIL my DH decided to leave it up for the winter. whoops! Collapsed. That was our fault. :)


How does this compare with the 10' x 10' screened in gazebo at WalMart?


@hemo: It looks like the reviews say it all. Only 55% of the people would recommend it. The pictures make it look like the ropes are holding it together and the legs look lacking (I can't even see them in the picture). The reviews seem to back up the fact that this is a flimsy one.

I think the OP's should be a better quality and the one I recommended is pretty sturdy also.