dealsholiday flights on sale across u.s. - fly from $84


Why do they continue to do these BS deals? They should really just have a "Sponsored" type column rather than sneaking it in with the real deals.


is this a good deal? is it worth it, can somebody give me more information please


@gdeadfan - I take it you've never noticed what's at the top of the sidebar (assuming you're seeing the deal on

They're ALL sponsored deals.


Even though they are sponsored, I do find great deals... Better then mostly anywhere when in the side bar. Whats wrong with them making money on it? Its not costing you anything and you are getting a great service for free. This is still America after all and we all have choices...


They just need to be more selective about what deals they accept. These aren't deals.


Actually it's by votes. Down votes count just like up votes so we are the ones selecting them.


@jmcachran: You are right, they should be more selective. They claim they are. This is a quote from them.
"OK, yes, companies pay a little something to be Sponsored Deals. But we don’t allow just any old crap in this section. Sponsored Deals are proposed to us by other retailers, manufacturers, and even other daily deal sites. If we find the deal compelling enough that our members will appreciate us bringing it to their attention, we’ll feature it here. Believe it or not, we have a reputation to uphold. If your store would like to be considered for this space, contact for details. But if your deal is lame, or sketchy, no amount of money will let you buy your way in. "

Obviously they are not too selective despite their claim. :(


@newjerseymax: Not true. These are sponsored (hence "sponsored deals").