dealsbarnes & noble nook hd+ 16gb tablet with 9…


Geez, I bought it last week for $119.99 and it still hasn't shipped and now they sell it for $10 less. Very sad face here.


@superattorney: I did the same thing (2 of them). I already have my cases. These will make good gifts when they arrive. It is not surprising. I go into any purchase from them knowing slow shipping is probable. I will look at it as still getting a really good deal at 119.


Right now you can walk into a Barnes & Noble store and buy a brand new one of these for $149 and get a free $20 dollar gift card until 9/2, (doing the math... $129.00).


This is still a great deal but mine did take about a month to get to me after i ordered it.
the screen on this tablet is just phenomenal, and I would say the tablet itself is usable with a rom on it.


Does B&N allow you to use the $20 gift card towards the purchase of the nook?


@tksmitty: One of the things about "Certified Pre-Owned" from B&N is that they are indistinguishable from new (same condition and warranty). This is one of those times that the extra money you spend for a new one only makes sense if you are in a hurry.


@rmc23: When I bought my 32gb HD+ in June, they gave me an extra $25 off, so instead of 179, it was only 154. Then I applied the 75 in the 3 B&N gift cards I already had, so the balance was $79 plus tax. There was no problem about using the gift cards.


1saleaday sucks...that is all


Site has v slow shipping.

Have one of these (stock) and like it. Might buy a second one to root.

Expensive proprietary charging and HDMI out cables
No front or rear cameras if you Skype or whatever
No GPS, spozedly Google earth will crash.

Decent hardware at great price
BN warranty
Google Play Store
BN still in tablet and e-reader biz, maybe.


@rmc23: I hear not. Use the card on a second cable.