dealsfun sign: the beatings will continue until…


$3 is fine , but $2 to ship kinda kills it . If this were tad bit lager in size then maybe . Thx anyway .


This would be funny if my job wasn't so much like this on a daily basis...


Unoriginal....and way too much for shipping..

Just in case someone asks, there has been a saying around for years.. "The beatings will continue until the morale improves." This is just some clown trying to make money off someone else's idea. And did I mention it's stupidly expensive for shipping, for such a small piece? What are they overnighting it? For less than a buck, they can get padded shippers post-paid probably.. So not only are they unoriginal, they make money off shipping costs as well. Yeah, no thanks...

*The above is just my simple opinion. If you disagree, please don't feel the need to comment back and start an e-battle.


@ricka182: Just my simple opinion and no e-battle intended, but as the OP I feel that I must defend this a bit. It makes no claim to originality, it is just another posterized version of a popular saying. One of my old bosses (one of the good ones) had a similar poster on his office wall picturing a gorilla with the caption, "When I want your opinion I'll beat it out of you." Love them both! Just thought some folks might want to pick up one of these for their offices. Not a bad deal.


So this is what happened to Nancy Kerrigan....


@kalimore: No, what really happened is she fell over a can of Cambel Soup.