dealsroberto-rossi 5-piece knife set for $10.00


Be VERY careful dealing with this company. If you read their policies, they spend an awful lot of time talking about how they vigorously fight any credit card chargebacks -- that's sign number 1 that they are rip-off artists, because they're expecting plenty of angry customers to attempt a chargeback.

Where they will actually rip you off is that they give you a "free" gift with your product but charge shipping and handling on that gift (S&H is supposedly rebated on the knife set, making that part "free," but it's not refunded on the cheap plastic "gift").

It is apparently a ridiculously high S&H charge on the gift, and while you're free to return your item(s) for a refund, they won't refund your S&H, plus they'll assess a restocking fee. You're going to be out-of-pocket either way.

In other words, this "free" deal, predictably, is a ripoff designed to scam any suckers who don't read the fine print. You've been warned, don't get ripped off.