dealssamsung galaxy tab 2 10.1in 16gb tablet…


They all say "Grade 4 - significant scratches or scuffs" and they don't come with the proprietary AC adapter. No thanks!


@trybble: I got a Grade 6 with adapter, so "all" is incorrect. The flash sales are all about patience. Anything grade 5 and above from cowboom is usually quite good


Cowboom is always a horrible place to shop. Mainly because it is a Best Buy shop.
But, 95% of everything you get on there is scuffed/scratched to all hell and back.

Honestly, how in the world do people treat their electronics like this? You spend $300 brand new and you treat it like crap? Bah.


@phairfan: I have bought A LOT of stuff from cowboom and have not had that experience. I am careful and read the information before purchase. If it says Grade 4, I pass.


I've bought several items from cowboom, ipad 2 = graded 4, it was cyber monday weekend so I had a coupon for 25% off, which made it a steal. When I got the ipad, I could even find any scratches that they had mentioned. I just got an ipod touch 5 = graded 5, it was mint. Just sayin...

I'm always checking them out for deals.