dealscommand and conquer the ultimate collection…


I don't understand, is this a deal? looks like regular priced to me..


@miguelb718: Looks like the deal police are in full force. Yes this is regular price however I have seen many deals make it popular being full price or even a preorder. I didn't post this to make it popular I merely posted this deal to inform the people who have been waiting for all these games to come out on Windows 7 that they are available now. I also don't see how 17 games for $50 is not a deal. I guess to you a deal is only measured by seeing a minus sign under a marked up price. A deal is subjective and can be viewed in different ways. I want the old deals woot back not this elitist bs.


some of these games are like 20 years old. not a good deal any way you slice it.


@rsnyc: Depends on if you've been wanting for those games to be supported on Windows 7. Also that simple comment did not argue anything that I feel made a point or discounted the point I made in the previous comment. Every title from command and conquer 3 to command and conquer 4 have not only been made within the last couple years but sell for between $15-$40 individually depending on where you look. That's $75 worth of games considering the modern games alone. They are also not sold in a combo kit anywhere else. This makes the deal worth it for the modern games themselves. The "20 year old games" are a bonus at this point and are not all 20 year old games. They are sold in a decade pack that also sells for $15 and is not supported by Windows 7. Please come at me with an intelligent comment if you want to argue your point.


@cornutnc: well I do not "come at" people in general and my post was not an attack on you General but if something is available on amazon for the exact same price then it is not a "deal." people who come here can also browse proficiently. My own opinion is that these games are also very old in some cases and really thrown in as fluff making it worth even less than the price found everywhere. sorry bro.


This is hilarious. All I was interested in is a simple debate not an attack either. I do however feel your argument is an opinion as you said and not an opinion of mine. Yes people can browse amazon for this deal but is everyone on deals.woot going to discover this product? I hope to reach people who haven't discovered this and are interested in this product so they will be informed of it as well. I don't feel my points are addressed in your arguments. They are brushed aside for your views of what a deal is. A deal is in the eye of the beholder and like I said deals like these have been posted and accepted on this site before as a popular deal. This is not worth my time or thought especially when my points are not even addressed or refuted. Don't expect a return comment from what you will inevitably post that will not address nor disprove my arguments. Thanks for your time you silly man.