dealspink floyd "alice on the wall" dvd set 5.1 for…


Just to be clear: You're getting both DVDs for this price.

Pink Floyd "The Wall" in Sync with "Alice In Wonderland" &
"Darkside of The Moon" in Synch with "Wizard Of OZ 2 DVD DISC SET !

Pretty good woot!


As illegal as this seller's item most assuredly is, I have to say that I've watched both Dark Side of the Rainbow and Alice on the Wall, the latter is, IMO, far superior to the former.

Here's a clip of the first 10 minutes:

The crazy part is how well it syncs up through the majority of the two disc set. Even if it's not through this retailer (considering there's no real "legal" way to get this) I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys this kind of thing.