dealsvasconia 4 cup granite molcajete for $19.00


home.woot has this or something very similar for 20 + 5 shipping. anyone know what the shipping is on this one? looks like you have to setup an account to find out and i get enough junk mail already....


Shipping is normally $6.95 but they give a $2 discount.


Make your own Masa. This would have come in handy 200 years ago in the south.


FINALLY! I can stop using my blender to create my super concoctions!


Grabbed this one last time it was on sale on woot and it's horrible. I expected a smooth interior but this one has ridges. I'm sure with enough work, they'd break down and it would be smooth.


I'm looking for a large, volcanic rock molcajete to use as a serving piece heated in the oven. Anyone know where to find those?


Where I live in San Antonio, TX you can buy the same granite " pedestal for under $19.00 at HEB stores. No shipping pissed I ordered one I am refusing it at the door.



I'm under the impression that a molcajete is SUPPOSED to have ridges and "bubbles" (ie. not be completely smooth).


Volcanic rock worn smooth in a stream bed. Oregon or
Washington Cascade range rivers have the real thing.


This will be very good for crushing my sugar into a fine dust.