dealsfree stuffed pizza rollers with e-mail signup


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A quick whois reveals that this domain is NOT owned by Pizza Hut. I am already on their email list and the emails do not come from this domain

Not falling for it.


©2012 Pizza Hut, Inc. All rights reserved.FAQ|TERMS & CONDITIONS|PRIVACY POLICY|PIZZAHUT.COM

Got this right off of the site. Looks like Pizza Hut to me!


@gfcliffa: Do a whois, genius.

DNS Admin
1999 Bryan St. Suite 2800
Dallas, TX 75201

Yum Brands, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213

You fail at teh intarwebz.



This is officially a Pizza Hut deal.

Do you even know what TracyLocke is? They are a company that helps promote things for other companies and has promoted some of Pizza Hut's new foods in the past. Do your research before you act like you know what you're talking about.

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@jmattoon: The fact that the domain is owned by a different company does not always mean that it's fraudulent. See post directly above.

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@stile99: I like how you told @gfcliffa "you fail at teh intarwebz," when you're the one who upvoted this very same deal 4 months ago.

Same Hut Lovers sign up. E-mails come from a different domain you say? Did you not read the words next to the box you're supposed to check? "I consent to receive coupons and promotional news from Pizza Hut, its franchisees and affiliates. I agree to the Terms of Use and understand that my information will be used as described on this page and the Pizza Hut Privacy Policy."

Easy to unsubscribe, by the way. Check your own fails before you try to point out someone else's.

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@o0: No, I upvoted the real deal, from the real company. Nice try though. But hey, if you can scam people into giving you their personal info, more power to you.