dealstp-link tl-pa211kit av200 mini multi-streaming…


4.7/5 stars with 41 customer reviews on Amazon. This would be a decent price on the 85mbps speed, making it a very good price for the 200mbps version. I recently installed a Netgear-branded 85mbps powerline adapter for someone, and it streams HD video with no problem. At this price, consider buying 2 if you think you'll need to connect more than one device (giving you 1 at the router, and 3 remote).


I had good luck with installing an older version of this brand's adapter for someone; it works just fine for them. A good alternative to running twisted pair cable, IMO.


Had an absolute terrible experience with them. Bought them based on the reviews of others, but they would constantly drop connection, suddenly start going very slowly, etc.

Took lan traces on both sides of them and saw frames on the wire that were never sent (almost like they got garbled by the device and broadcast to everyone) Frames would leave one machine and never show up on the other end...overall just horrible.

If you are currently thinking, "Hey...maybe this will work better than my wifi bridge...." I say, "yeah...probably not"