dealswomen's snap(ster) brim fedora for $7.69


Now, you too can look as stupid as Mario Bello in the failed NBC series "Prime Suspect"!


Or be a trend-setter by dressing like JLo circa 2004 !!!


Not many str8 guys noticed the hat ...


@gidgaf: Seeing as it says "women's" snap(ster) brim fedora, I don't think it matters what kind of guys notice it.


Perry the Platypus? Ha, you fell into my trap. Let me tell you about my latest evil plan.

I've replicated your trademark Fedora hat and I've marketed it through K*Mart stores in the Tri State Area as the next trendy "must have" woman's accessory. Inside all of these hats is a mind control device to take control of all their minds with a push of this button on my Perry-The-Platypus-Fedora-Mind-Control-inator Ray. Yes, I know it's a long, unwieldy name.

Soon, I will be able to control all the women who will in turn brow beat their husbands and boyfriends into submission and then I will have complete control of the Tri State Are!! And you can't stop me, Perry the Platypus.

Here goes. Pushes button Huh? Nothing happened. The ray worked, but none of the women are doing my bidding? What's that on the tv news? K*Mart removed all of my mind control devices? They kept interfering with cell phone signals? I really should have seen that coming.

Curse you Perry the Platypus!!


If you are near a Roses store, they have 'em for $6 each, good variety to choose from.


That's not a Fedora. That's a Trilby.