dealsswing-n-slide alpine custom ready-to-build swing…


...contains ONLY the brackets, no Lumber/Slide/Accessories? No thanks!


Note: Lumber, slide, and accessories not included.

This deal kinda stinks. Like getting a lump of coal for christmass.


I almost got suckered by this same deal on the Meijer website a few weeks ago. Thank God I read the fine print first. Who wants to pay over a hundred dollars for some brackets and a couple flimsy looking swing seats? I don't ever see a ladder in that hardware set. So, no ladder, no slide, no rock wall, no lumber, and none of those other cute accessories shown in the picture. I consider this a ripoff because it is so deceiving.


I think some people must be high on life if they think they're going to get a full wooden swing set for a little over $100. If you want wood these things start at around $800 for something this size. These kits allow you to provide your own wood (usually at a decent savings) and cut to size yourself.


"Ready-to-Build"...That word you keep saying, I do not think it means what you think it means...


@zuiquan: if all that was missing was the wood, it would be a fine deal. But you'd have to pay for a lot more than lumber to make this a usable set. How many hundreds do you think the ladder and slide will cost, for starters.