dealsrefurbished: cuisinart ice-20 automatic frozen…


If you want red, it's gonna cost ya an extra $2.00, pilgrim:

Here's the link: (not sure if it will work without signing in)

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I have one of these and I love it! Easy to use, easy to clean, really works fast. I make frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, and my boyfriend makes slushees with just a can of soda!


I have it, but am on the look out for a >good< self-refrigerated maker that doesn't cost a ton.

Most self-refrigerated really don't perform any better than this one...hence I still use it! :)


I have this same model, I use it a lot to make fresh fruit sorbets. It is so easy to use, and I've used it a lot.


Got one of these at a consignment sale for $3. Deal of the year! Now that I've used it several times I would gladly pay full price if I ever found myself needing a new one. Come to think of it I will be doing exactly that as a house warming gift for a friend of mine.


cream is available for about $5 to 6$a half gallon at smart and final iris stores. they are a foodservice supply store that is open to the public. Much much cheaper than what the grocery stores sell and its the same product. Look for manufacturing cream. Its what all restaurants use for whiping cream and ice cream recipes.


i bought a self refrigerating unit (on woot, i think) and it works great. quiet and can make as many batches in a day as you like. only made a quart at a time, but i just made several batches and it works great. One thing to consider Ice cream always has to be frozen in the freezer after you make it or it will melt immediately. I take a glass bowl and freeze it and the transfer the ice cream I made into the frozen glass bowl and it sets up really nice in a few hours... Also, don't over spin- don't spin too long or too much air gets mixed into the ice cream and/or fat separates, and ruins the texture.....tricks i learned while working in an very upscale hotel kitchen. Sorry cant say the name, but it was very Ritzy, (hint hint)