dealspanda express - free shanghai angus steak on 4/17…


I tried this today and I must admit it was quite good.


The best part of these Panda promotions are the fact that they're "no purchase necessary!"

I'll still be buying a 2 Entree Combo though! Gotta have my Chow Mein /w Orange Chicken and Honey Walnut Shrimp! :9


are they gonna call the police if i try to use this?


I had already tried the Shanghai Angus Steak, so I really like this deal. I also ordered a lunch of Mushroom Chicken and Mixed Vegetables. Time to dive in.


Tried it today and it was delicious!


Confused why my posting for this was removed when it predated this posting by a full day?

No matter, going to go and get me some anyway.


I'm not from this country and never been to Panda Express before. Just went there because of this deal. They said I could have 2 entrees. The Shanghai Angus streak was free but I had to pay for the other entree. So when I asked for Panda they laughed at me and said they don't serve Panda and that they were an endangered species. Their name and logo is so misleading. If I had known they didn't serve Pandas I would not have drove all the way out there for nothing!


@fenriq: I was wondering the same thing when my post got whacked twice yesterday. According to an admin, the deal must be active to post. They are really cracking down on this. I wish they would let these food deals go active a day before though. It would be nice to know a day in advance.

Check it out ->


@5hazb0t: Agreed, the steak was nice and tender and I really liked the asparagus.